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Vayashev 2015: Foreshadows   Vayeshev 2014: The Trouble With Tamar This is a very different perspective of the story of Judah and Tamar. It…

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Miketz 2014: Prophecies About The Reconciliation Then & Now From the metaphysics of dreams and visions to the end times reconciliation between the House of…

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Vayigash 2015: Joseph’s Dreams and Cups There is so much prophecy in the Joseph Torah Portions that it is hard to resist talking about it….

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Vayechi 2015: Israel’s Final Days Israel must die before the Kingdom comes. What does this mean? How will that be? The tribes will become more…

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Shemot 2016: Moses’ Donkey & The Keys To The Kingdom Moses has to get his flesh under control before he can lead. This is the…

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Vaera 2016: Don’t Walk Like An Egyptian The plagues of Egypt represent all the merciful ways the LORD uses to turn people to Him. Yes,…

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Bo 2014: Passover & The Final Days of Egypt Have you ever heard people say the LORD was cruel to Pharaoh because He hardened Pharaoh’s…

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  B’Shelach 2014: Lessons On How To Travel Both Pharaoh and the Israelites learned lessons about traveling with the LORD… Need I say more?…

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