Kingdom Concepts

Kingdom Concepts is designed to help YHVH’s people change their paradigm from a religious one to a national and corporate understanding, one that speaks to Biblical Israel (not to be confused with the modern UN-created State of Israel) as a nation. “Israel” is not a religion. It is a nation and the name of YHVH’s Kingdom.

The first understanding and foundation of YHVH’s Kingdom is that Yeshua is God! He is YHVH who came to earth in a human body. This human body required a name for identification. The chosen name is “YHVH’s salvation”: Yeshua. That is what “Yeshua” means.

Second, all religions come from Satan’s realm. He knows how to twist truth with lies which turns the truths into lies. These deceive those who believe they must choose one religion or another. In fact, this will be the deception of the Antichrist, the Jewish human-only messiah who will sit on YHVH’s throne as a declaration that the Antichrist is god. The deceived – those who do not understand that the Kingdom is a nation, not a religion – will believe he is the promised messiah and will convert to Judaism or Noahidism.

Third, those who know that Yeshua is their God and King must also know they are Israel – citizens of Israel.

Fourth is the understanding that what Satan touts as religious law, that can be interpreted according to one’s desire of obeying or not, is not religious at all! These are the laws of “the land”, the laws governing citizens of Israel who will come in contact with the holy King of Israel. These laws also govern citizens’ behavior toward each other to provide a happy, safe and prosperous Kingdom like none that has ever existed on earth before.