Lech Lecha

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We wrongly think that the process of taking the land of Israel for the LORD starts with the first exodus. Actually, it started with Terah, Abraham’s father, and then with Abraham. We could not take the land for the LORD in the end of days without the promises given to Abraham by the LORD, so we really need to understand what those promises mean.

Lech Lecha 2015: Abraham & the Process Of Taking The Land For The LORD


Lech Lecha 2014: The Process of Abram’s Life

Our walk with the LORD is the same as Abram’s walk with Him. It’s a process. It is a lifelong commitment. Too often in our modern culture, we want everything right now. Instead, we must learn to be happy with where we are on our lech lecha – our halacha – with YHVH Abba.


Lech L’cha 2012: The Foundation of Faith
The Parts of Our Covenant with YHVH

The foundation of our faith is the covenants. This makes Lech L’cha one of the most important Torah Portions. This audio is 1 hour 30 minutes long in order to explain the covenants in depth.


Lech L’Cha 2011: Go, Do, Then Have A Dry Spell

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