Chayei Sarah

Chayyei Sarah 2015 – Repairing the Breaches: The Rest of the Story

In Part 1 of this teaching, Repairing the Breaches, we learned about dealing with offenses between people. Offenses are situations based upon personality differences and the size of our personal measuring sticks that often do not involve any actual crime (sin) against the Torah. Yet, hard feelings are created.

In Part 2, however, we learn there is a group of crimes against the Torah that we are not authorized to deal with and that there is no way for us to fix. What are we to do with these situations?

Click here for a list of Torah crimes and penalties that prevent us from doing reconciliation and restoration with a brother or sister.


Chayyei Sarah 2014: The Life of Sarah in Us

Sarah is our example of the ezer konegdo, the helper. She exemplifies for us the kind of life we need to lead and the kind of fit vessel we need to be in order to carry the LORD’s will for His Kingdom and in our personal lives. Eliezer is a servant bringing another servant home – i.e. gathering the exiles.


Chayyei Sarah 2013: The Character of Abraham in the Life of Sarah

The life of Sarah was imbued with the character of Abraham just like ours should be. We fail to realize how our personal character plays into prophecy.


Chayyei Sarah 2012: The Connection Between the Death of Sarah and the Field at Machpelah

There was a purpose in the death of Sarah. Listen to find out what it was.


Chayyei Sarah 2011: From Death To Life


Chayyei Sarah 2010


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