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Chukat 2016: The Bride Is A Holy Cow! The red heifer represents an earthly female with the same attributes as Yeshua Messiah who is purified…

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Balak 2016: Who Is Balaam? Balaam is a shadow picture of an end time enemy of Jacob and his descendants – us. Thus, it behooves…

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Pinchas 2016: Pinchas The Priest, Pinchas The Warrior Levite Pinchas is a very important figure in our faith because he shows us the kind of…

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Matot & Masei

Matot & Massei 2015: Let The Travels Begin Are you called to start traveling?   Matot 2014: Object Lessons For the End Of Days…

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Devarim 2016: The History of Whoredom Moses recounts the history of the first wilderness generation to the second as they prepare to go into the…

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Va Etchanan 2016: A New Start Our new start consists of giving up our idolatry – now and in the future Kingdom.   Va’Etchanan…

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Ekev 2015: The Accidental Obeyer If we accidentally obey the LORD, we will still be blessed, but with some exceptions. Find out what those are…

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Re’eh 2015: Discerning The Distinctions The LORD makes distinctions between His people and all other peoples of the earth. Thus, He requires us to be…

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