Yitro 2016: The Midian Mindset Among Us

Yitro was a King-Priest of Midian who story in this Torah Portion brings with it many parallels with Christianity. Yitro made covenant with YHVH, but it was not the same as the covenant that the Israelites made with YHVH. What is the significance of this? Why did the people continue to believe that YHVH was a God among gods? How did this affect their relationship with Him and how does it affect our relationship with Him today?


Yitro_2013: A Matter of Honor


Yitro 2012: The Timing Of Events Early In the Great Tribulation


Yitro – The Mystery Of Yitro

There are a LOT of extra comments on this Torah Portion in the video that you won’t get in the audio. If you have the time, it would be better to watch the video. I cover some very controversial ground this week and I hope to not be misunderstood. Thank you.

PART 1                                  PART 2                                 PART 3                                PART 4

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