Vayigash 2015: Joseph’s Dreams and Cups

There is so much prophecy in the Joseph Torah Portions that it is hard to resist talking about it. The dreams and cups are multi-faceted, applying to the whole House of Jacob and the Messiah, too.


Vayigash 2013: The Role of Joseph in the End of Days

The story of Joseph gives us details about the time we are currently in… The end of days. We learn how Judah approaches Joseph and how Joseph takes care of his brethren. Joseph caring for his brethren is a vitally important issue to us since Joseph’s actions reveal what “the weightier matters of the law” really mean.


Vayigash & Vayechi 2012: Joseph & The 7th Hour Restoration Prophecy


Vayigash 2011: Joseph, Jesus, Yeshua & Benjamin

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