Tzav 2016: The Heart Of the Matter

The closer we approach the LORD, the more requirements, restrictions and responsibilities to Him we will have. Our greatest responsibility as a believer is to bring the kordan olah – the burnt offering. It represents the most that we can give to the One who gives us everything.


Tzav 2015: Priest Preparations, Passover Preparations

Why do we suffer at the Feast days?

Was the Last Supper really a Pesach seder?

What IS leavened bread and what is its spiritual ramifications?

Which calendar should we use?

What was the timing of the original Exodus that provides also the timing for the Pescah seder?

Is there something you can do if you’re all alone at Passover?


Tzav 2014: The Truth About Leaven (What The Enemy Doesn’t Want You To Know)

Many of us Hebrews many be operating under a false doctrine regarding leaven. Most of us don’t know what leaven really is according to the Bible definition. And it ain’t sin…


Tzav 2012


Tzav: The Constant Fire

Kimberly Rogers-Brown has been teaching Torah and special Bible topics since 2008. She is also the author and publisher of Beast Watch News dot com and is heard internationally via two radio programs on Hebrew Nation Radio. Kimberly now lives in Aqaba, Jordan close to the Exodus wilderness area where the Bride (i.e. "the woman" of Revelation 12:6) will flee for 1260 days of the Great Tribulation.