The Right Calendar & Right Method of Keeping Passover in 2021


The calendar issue arises every Spring among YHVH’s exiled people. Believers want to know which calendar to follow but there is an even more important issue than following the right calendar this year. The more important issue is how to keep Passover but I will start with the calendar issue.

Let me try to answer the calendar question with one statement: Whatever the Levites determine about the calendar is what we go by. We 12-tribers don’t determine their own calendar. That authority was given to the line of Aaron alone. Our job is to obey what they say.

Yes, I know – we cannot trust that the right people are in charge of the calendar. In fact, we cannot trust that the calendar has been correct for 2500 years! That is from the time of the House of Judah’s exile.

Please allow me to present this information to you before you tune me out. It is so important that we do Passover right and according to the scriptures. And even if you are thinking you already know what I will say or that you’ve heard all the debates before, please hear me out.

Some people want to determine their own calendars by looking at the equinox or by other methods. I understand wanting to get the calendar correct. It determines all the Feasts for the year and has prophetic implications for the timing of the start of the Tribulation and Yeshua’s return. So, we want to be found doing the right timing, right?

However, we also want Yeshua to find an obedient remnant of people when He returns, the kind of people who He will want to spend eternity with. And what kind of people would that be? Those that have learned unswerving obedience to YHVH’s simple commands.

To this end, we follow what the Levites in the modern UN-created State of Israel say. Why? Because YHVH told 12-tribed Israel that the responsibility for the calendar is in the hands of the line of Aaron (Exodus 12). One of the things the Israelites have not learned to do from then until now is to obey. We all know our ancestors were disobedient and the calendar was disobeyed by the northern tribes after the Kingdom split 2900 years ago. We have a history of disobedience to YHVH’s Aaronic calendar. The calendar, at this time in history, is one of our opportunities to show YHVH that we can obey.

The problem is that we don’t know, and it may even be obvious, that we can’t count on there being a correct line of Aaron in the UN-created modern political State of Israel to oversee the correct calendar.

Folks, it doesn’t matter. Yeshua faced the same situation in His time. The calendar was under the control of the Temple authority and the Temple was operated by the wrong line of Levites. Today, Jerusalem is controlled by the Israelis and they may be implementing YHVH’s calendar through the wrong line of Levites. As it was in Yeshua’s time, so is it now.

They were not from the line of Aaron, yet Yeshua showed up for every Feast even though the line of Aaron’s authority had been usurped by another Levite line, possibly from the line of Simeon called the Hasmoneans. Simeon is one of the 4 tribes the Jews count among the House of Judah. The others are Judah, Benjamin and Levy.

The House of Judah southern Kingdom Jews claim that the High Priest and the priests that function in the modern UN-created State of Israel today are from the line of Aaron. It is a genetic fact that the DNA of part of the ancient Israelite population has a specific marker and it is believed to mark the line of Aaron within the tribe of Levy. If this is true, we at least know that it is Levites and not Simeonites who run the current calendar and that possibly, due to genetic testing of the current priesthood in Israel, the line of Aaron is likely present in Israel.

The High Priest’s position was purchased during Yeshua’s time, sometimes annually, by men who had no business operating as High Priest. Yet, Yeshua obeyed His own commandment that put the calendar authority with the sons of Aaron. He obeyed even though the sons of Aaron were not running the show and He did so because the method He had given to Moses and Aaron while they were still in Egypt (Exodus 12:1-2) and throughout the Book of Leviticus was being used.

The Aaronites’ job is to determine the start of the year by observing the fully concealed new moon and whether the barley is ripe (Aviv) enough to harvest in 2 weeks. The fields must be ripe enough by the new moon to be harvested within 2 weeks or there must be an intercalated month inserted. Thus, Aviv 1 is declared by 2 things: The first night of the fully dark moon (Psalms 81:3) that heralds the start of every month and the barley that is ripe enough to be harvested within the next 2 weeks leading up to 14 Aviv. The calendar is not set by using the equinox. The equinox is irrelevant to YHVH. He wants His calendar based on His people’s ability to bring their barley wave sheafs (Lev_23:11-12, 15).

Some people object to the use of the Hillel 2 calendar because it is calculated. It is possible but I believe unlikely that the ancient Israelites were calculating the new moons after which they would verify their calculations using two witnesses to see that the moon was fully dark. The practice of calculating the new moons probably began in Babylon. This means that in Yeshua’s time, when the Jews had abandoned looking for the fully concealed moon, the ‘keseh’ moon and were using the sighted sliver, Yeshua still went to their Feasts on their calendar.

So does this mean that Yeshua was crucified on the wrong date? It could mean that, but if so, it also means that He died for that sin of the Jews, too, and the Father accepted His sacrifice as the Passover lamb because, again, the call as to when Passover is belongs to the priests, not to the other tribes, and Yeshua died on the day that the Jewish Temple leadership said was Passover. But hang on because I will have more to say on this in a minute.

What happens if they are wrong and we, the 12-tribers, know they are wrong? Aren’t we supposed to go ahead and do Passover in the month or at the time when we know the barley is truly ripe for harvest? No.

Why? Because the 12-tribers are told only to obey. At the end of days, obedience is one of our tests even if the wrong line of Levites is running the show in the modern UN-created State of Israel and even if they are leading us into the wrong Feast dates.

I find it interesting to note, though, that the blood moons that occurred in 2014 and 2015 happened on the Feast dates given in the Jewish calendar. This should tell us that YHVH is smarter than we are (even smarter than the Jews) and that He is able to give signs on the calendar the Jews declare because the Levites and the line of Aaron are with them in the modern UN-created State of Israel and the authority vested in the line of Aaron still stands to this day.

Passover 2014 began in the evening of April 14 into April 15. The blood moon occurred on April 15.

Passover 2015 began in the evening of April 4 into April 5. The blood moon occurred on April 5.

Sukkot 2014 began on the evening of October 8th. The blood moon occurred the same night.

Sukkot 2015 began on the evening of September 27 going into the 28th. The blood moon occurred on the 28th.

This should tell us something. Either YHVH is making His signs happen on the Rabbinic calculated calendar or the Levites in Jerusalem have YHVH’s calendar right. Either way, the heavens still belong to the Father and the blood moon verifications tell us that those who were vested with the authority over YHVH’s calendar are properly aligned.

Thus, if that’s how it is now at the end of days wherein we can still see that YHVH is in control over His Aaronic calendar and He is still authorizing His calendar under the Levitical Priesthood leadership today, we can rest assured that Yeshua died at exactly the right time.

If today’s Levitical leaders lead us down the merry path and we later find out that they were actually wrong, there is a sacrifice for that.

Lev 4:13  “If the whole congregation of Israel sins unintentionally and the thing is hidden from the eyes of the assembly, and they do any one of the things that by the LORD’s commandments ought not to be done, and they realize their guilt,
Lev 4:14  when the sin which they have committed becomes known, the assembly shall offer a bull from the herd for a sin offering and bring it in front of the tent of meeting.

People do not like to hear that they must submit to the authority of today’s Levites. I understand it. Today’s Levites are wrapped up in Judaism which is nothing but deception and we must stay far away from Judaism. They give witness to the wrong sliver, the one after the fully dark moon instead of the one just before the last sliver in honor of the Egyptian queen of heaven, the moon goddess. But if we won’t learn to obey the authority vested in them like Yeshua did (who showed up for the Feasts on the calendar set by the corrupt Levites who were not even from the line of Aaron), then what makes us think YHVH will want us in His Kingdom? He said “obey”. We have not done that for 3500 years and look what the world is about to go through because of it.

The current Levitical calendar, what everyone calls “the Jewish calendar”, has been correct for thousands of years. But this is the least of the issues over doing Passover correctly.

The rabbis (teachers) in Babylon implemented doing Passover in people’s homes instead of mourning over the loss of the altar on Temple Mount. The loss of the altar was meant by YHVH to be a punishment to His people. But instead of mourning the loss for 70 years, they celebrated in their own homes which is against the Torah. YHVH specifically told His people they would never do Passover in their own homes again after that first time during the Exodus.

Celebrating in your own home is a slap in the face against YHVH and His altar and He deems this to be sacrificing to goat demons (Leviticus 17:1-9). The way the rabbis got around this was to tell people to eat any other meat than lamb at their in-home Passover celebrations! And today, not only the Jews, but Messianic Jews and Hebrew Roots people do the same thing.

The Feasts were only permitted to be celebrated at YHVH’s gates. While the Tabernacle was with the Israelites, it was to that Tabernacle that they went to celebrate the Feasts. When Jerusalem became the permanent home, YHVH’s Temple, it was there that the Israelites went to do the Feasts. That is, until the Kingdom split between Rehoboam and Jeroboam. After that, Jeroboam began a sin that still trends among Messianic and Hebrew Roots believers which is doing YHVH’s Feasts anywhere else besides Jerusalem and at another time!

Over the years, I have talked about this a lot and have addressed people’s objections starting with that there is no Temple to do a sacrifice. The lack of a temple and altar are supposed to make us weep and mourn. We are still supposed to gather at Jerusalem, the place where YHVH said His name would be forever. He said this when Solomon consecrated the first Temple.

So without a functioning altar (the Temple itself is not necessary in order to do the Passover sacrifice), what are we to do? We are to be in Jerusalem mourning over our horrible loss!

Zephaniah 3:18  I will gather them that are sorrowful for the solemn assembly, who are of thee, to whom the reproach of it was a burden.

The one Hebrew word that is translated “for the solemn assembly” is ממועד. M’moed. Literally: From moed or from Feast.

‘Moedim’ is the word for YHVH’s Feasts plural. Moed and moedim are used hundreds of times in scripture. M’moed. From Feast. Translating it as “for the solemn assembly” is a poor rendering.

What Feast is this talking about? One Feast relies on exact dating as set by YHVH? The one on which all the Feasts that come after it depends on it being right. Passover!

Yes, we do have much angst about doing Passover right! And we should. It is a reproach, a burden and a shame to us. We don’t know how to proceed. Our people are using different calendars and different ceremonies on the evening of the 14th going into the 15th of Aviv. We don’t understand the instructions and we have no authority to guide us, not even the Levites who are steeped in Judaism that Yeshua told us to beware of.

But there is one verse that can guide those who want to be gathered – Zephaniah 3:18.

If you do a Passover meal anywhere but in Jerusalem, you are putting yourself under Rabbinic authority. Our people are twisting themselves into knots trying to avoid a calendar issue because the authority over it is in the hands of corrupt and wicked people. Well, this is not a new situation as I already demonstrated. Yet, by following how the Jews do Passover and what they implemented for themselves starting in Babylon, puts you under Jewish authority and out from under YHVH’s!

Zephaniah prophesied that those who want to be gathered in the end of days need to be sorrowful over Passover and, by extension, the Feasts that follow for which we are to be in Jerusalem.

Not only is the date critical but the fact that we have no obedient leadership to guide us means we must grieve, mourn. What does this entail?

Mourning in this context means to be repentant. It is Biblically customary to fast and to sit in sackcloth and ashes. Most of us do not have sackcloth or ashes but we can fast for the Passover meal, and the Shavuot and Sukkot meals, as well.

Please consider not doing the leavened ceremonies of the Jews and not putting yourself under Rabbinic authority by doing a Passover seder in your own home. Again, YHVH said we are not to do His Feasts in our own homes. Instead, join us for a global fast on this Passover.

Send this teaching to everyone you know and let’s pray and fast and mourn and ask YHVH to remember to gather us when He comes!



How can we know that the Biblical new moon is the dark moon?

What was that method? “Sighting” the dark moon, not the sliver. David retreated to the field for 3 nights as Saul celebrated the new moon. Hiding would have been easy for David because there was no light from the moon that could accidentally reveal his movements.

1 Samuel 20:5  And David said unto Jonathan, Behold, tomorrow is the new moon, and I should not fail to sit with the king at meat: but let me go, that I may hide myself in the field unto the third day at even.

How did David know tomorrow would be the new moon? The fully dark moon can be dark for up to 3 nights but usually 1 or 2 nights. It might have been another 1 or days before a sliver of moon appeared (which is what the Jews look for since their Babylonian captivity). So how did David know that “tomorrow” there would be a sliver? He did not know when the sliver would appear but he would have known when the fully concealed dark moon would appear because he recognized the last waning sliver. The Jews today are watching for the wrong sliver!

The Psalms defines the new moon as the fully concealed moon.

Psalms 81:3  Blow up the trumpet in the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day.

“In the time appointed” is the Hebrew word (Strong’s H3677) ‘keseh’ which means in its fulness or the full moon. There are 2 full moons every month – the fully concealed dark moon and the fully unconcealed light moon. The ancient Israelites had to get the fully concealed moon identified at Aviv 1 in order for them to do Passover on the correct night of the full moon because it, too, could last up to 3 nights under certain conditions, but usually for at least 2 nights. The first night of the fully light mid-month moon had to be based on determining the first fully concealed beginning of the month dark moon.

Be Blessed!
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