Shemot 2016: Moses’ Donkey & The Keys To The Kingdom

Moses has to get his flesh under control before he can lead. This is the way it is for all of us. Along the way, though, we are given keys that will help us inherit the Kingdom without our flesh. Listen to find out what those keys are. They describe our flesh and how to kill it. Yes, we need to kill our carnal man, our flesh. Find out how.


Shemot 2015: Passover Instructions

Do you know the difference between where the LORD put His name and where He didn’t?

Why is this important?

Is it Yeshua’s name or the LORD’s?

Do you know the difference between an event and the memorial of said event?

Again, do you know why this important?

Shemot December 2013: Understanding The First & Second Exoduses

The journey begins! We’re going home! But there are things we need to understand so we can all get there together. And once again, the Book of Jasher sheds some light!


Shemot 2013: Moshe’s Story Then Is Our Story Now


Shemot 2012: Moses & the AntiChrist


Shemot – The Secret Of The Names

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