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Tazria 2016: The Unintentional Sinner Women are discriminated against because of their special ability to add living beings to the human race. This is because…

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Metzora 2016: Leprosy: More Than Skin Deep It is common knowledge that Biblical leprosy is a spiritual disease, but exactly what is its nature? Who…

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Acherei Mot

Acherei Mot 2016: From Death To Life The Feasts of Unleavened Bread, Shavuot and Yom Kippur work together to take us from death to life….

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Kedushim 2016: The Acts Of The Holy Ones Who are these holy ones? What are the acts that maintain their status as holy ones? From…

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Emor 2016: Have A Heart Rather than showing us rule after rule, commandment after commandment, in Emor the LORD is showing us His heart for…

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Behar_bechukkotai_2014: The Gift of Jubilees Shmittah and Jubilee years are both prophetic and a matter of our hearts. So far, the House of Jacob has…

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Bechukkotai 2016: The Requirements of Holiness & Staying In The Land Holiness has requirements that are summarized in Bechukkotai along with the penalties for disavowing…

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Bamidbar & Shavuot 2016: The Importance Of Being Counted This Torah Portion not only looks at the importance of being counted, but also of being…

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