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Bresheit is the Torah Portion where we have to get the correct understanding of who God is, otherwise, we risk missing the point of the…

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  Read while you listen at Noach 2020: Noah & the Sons of Melchizedek   Noah is a type and shadow of the end times…

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Lech Lecha

Read while you listen at Lech Lecha 2020: The Migration of the Order of Melchizedek     We wrongly think that the process of…

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One of the most important things we can do for the Kingdom is to repair the breaches between ourselves and others. Remembering that “it’s all…

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Chayei Sarah

Chayyei Sarah 2015 – Repairing the Breaches: The Rest of the Story In Part 1 of this teaching, Repairing the Breaches, we learned about dealing…

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Toldot 2015: The Reputations of the Generations Did you know Esau was a liar and a swindler? Jacob knew it. Rebekah and Isaac both probably…

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Vayetse 2015: In Defense of the House of Jacob Jacob’s life was one of strife and being falsely accused, things that his descendants can also…

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Vayishlach 2014: From Injustice to Injustice… And A Word About Hanukkah The Book of Jasher provides additional insight into Jacob’s motives for placating Esau. Dinah…

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