Vayetse 2015: In Defense of the House of Jacob

Jacob’s life was one of strife and being falsely accused, things that his descendants can also expect.


Vayetse 2014: The Struggles of Jacob as Prophecies for Us

Just about everything in the Torah Portion has to do with prophecy starting with Jacob going into exile and then his return to the land. In exile, Jacob receives injustice. It is this injustice that causes him to want to return to his land. When Jacob decides to return home, it is the LORD that supernaturally creates a flock of spotted and speckled sheep that belong exclusively to Jacob. We will learn about the spotted and speckled sheep, their physical and spiritual significance. Leah and Rachel are the foremothers of a troubled people who have trouble with each other for almost 4000 years.


Vayetse 2013: Like Jacob, Like Us

Sometimes, we just don’t realize how much we are like our forefathers. There lives are mirrored in our own – in our characteristics as well as in the foretelling of our futures. Jacob’s exile is our own. His return home is ours, too. Be blessed by this Torah Portion!


Vayetse 2012: Jacob & Laban: The End Time Account


VaYetse 2011: The Prophecies Of Jacob – Part 1

For part 2, listen to Vayishlach 2011: The Prophecies Of Jacob – Part 2 – ESAU’S 400 MEN

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