Pinchas 2016: Pinchas The Priest, Pinchas The Warrior Levite

Pinchas is a very important figure in our faith because he shows us the kind of zeal that we need now and the kind we will have in Yeshua’s Kingdom for upholding the sanctity of the Temple, the Word that goes forth from Zion and the Kingdom itself.


Pinchas 2015: Upholding the Glory of the LORD


Pinchas 2014: A Bride Fit For A King

hat is the connection between Pinchas and the Bride of Yeshua?

What are the prophecies contained in the genealogies and sacrifices listed in this Torah Portion?


Pinchas 2013: Pinchas As The Ezer Kenegdo

What is the Ezer Kenegdo?

How does Pinchas fulfill that role?

What do Pinchas and the Ezer Kenegdo have to do with us?


Pinchas 2012: Broken Pinchas

Find out about the mysteries of Pinchas:

>>> Pinchas and our Messiah Yeshua

>>> Pinchas and the 144,000

>>> The real meaning of Pinchas’ zealousness

>>> Where did Pinchas get the authority to kill the intruders?

>>> And what does all this have to do with coming Great Tribulation?


Pinchas: Authorization To Kill

Kimberly Rogers-Brown has been teaching Torah and special Bible topics since 2008. She is also the author and publisher of Beast Watch News dot com and is heard internationally via two radio programs on Hebrew Nation Radio. Kimberly now lives in Aqaba, Jordan close to the Exodus wilderness area where the Bride (i.e. "the woman" of Revelation 12:6) will flee for 1260 days of the Great Tribulation.