Behalotcha 2015: Circles

The LORD has inner circles, but unlike man’s inner circles, the LORD’s are open and transparent.


Beha’alotcha 2013: Trumpets & Shofars – The Voices of Man & God

The Levites are set apart in a completely different way than Nazirs or the Aaronic Priesthood.

The LORD teaches us the significant difference between a trumpet and a shofar.

Beha’alotcha debunks the issue of the Pesach sacrifice being performed at home in one very small, but simple verse.

This Torah Portion also teaches us about the need to be content.

Lashon hara has an aspect that you may not have previously considered.


Beha’alotcha 2012: The Significant Seven

The seven lamps of the menorah, the seven spirits and the seven assemblies are profoundly connected in relationship to the service of the Priesthood in the Millennial Kingdom to come. Find out what it takes to qualify for service in the Order of Melchizedek.


Beha’alotcha: The Choice Between The Sacred And The Profane

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