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Torah Portions 2015-2016

Va Etchanan 2016: A New Start

Devarim 2016: The History of Whoredom

Pinchas 2016: Pinchas The Priest, Pinchas The Warrior Levite

Balak 2016: Who Is Balaam?

Chukat 2016: The Bride Is A Holy Cow!

Korah 2016: The Naughty Bride

Shelach L'Cha 2016: Passing The Test

Behalotcha 2016: The Leprosy of the Levites & Miriam

Bamidbar & Shavuot 2016: The Importance Of Being Counted

Bechukkotai 2016: The Requirements of Holiness & Staying In The Land

Emor 2016: Have A Heart

Kedushim 2016: The Acts Of The Holy Ones

Acherei Mot 2016: From Death To Life

Metzora 2016: Leprosy: More Than Skin Deep

Tazria 2016: The Unintentional Sinner

Tzav 2016: The Heart Of the Matter

Vayikra 2016: The Relationship Offerings

Pekudei 2016: The Summary With A Lesson In Faith

Ki Tisa 2016: For Ransom

Tetzaveh 2016: The Royal Garments

Terumah 2016: The Tabernacle And The Bride

Mishpatim 2016: Justice With Compassion

The Midian Mindset Among Us

Vaera 2016: Don't Walk Like An Egyptian

Shemot 2016: Moses' Donkey & The Keys To The Kingdom

Vayechi 2015: Israel's Final Days

Vayigash 2015: Joseph's Dreams and Cups

Vayashev 2015: Foreshadows

Vayetse 2015: In Defense of the House of Jacob

Toldot 2015: The Reputations of the Generations

Chayyei Sarah 2015 - Repairing the Breaches: The Rest of the Story

Vayera 2015: Repairing The Breaches

Lech Lecha 2015: Abraham & the Process Of Taking The Land For The LORD

Noach 2015: Wash, Rinse And Repeat

Bresheit 2015: The Importance of Understanding From the Beginning

Torah Portions 2014-2015

Nitsavim 2015: 'That' Generation & The Curses Of Babylon

The Temple of Bel, Destruction of Babylon & Asking The Way To Zion

Ki Tetse 2015: Situations & Principles

Shoftim 2015: Proper Governance In The Kingdom Of the LORD

Re'eh 2015: Discerning The Distinctions

Ekev 2015: The Accidental Obeyer

Devarim 2015: Taking The Land

Matot & Massei 2015: Let The Travels Begin

Pinchas 2015: Upholding the Glory of the LORD

Korah 2015: Rejecting The Land, But Coveting The Priesthood

Behalotcha 2015: Circles

Emor 2015: Profanity, Death, Hell, Stones & Fire

Acherei Mot & Kedushim 2015: How And Why Yeshua Cleanses And Forgives

Metzora 2015: The Process Of Cleaning Up

Tazria 2015: The Woman's Sown Seed & Seeds Sown To The Flesh

Passover Shabbat 2015: Who ARE These People!? WITH my notes

Tzav 2015: Priest Preparations, Passover Preparations

Vayikra 2015: How To Be A Living Sacrifice

Vayachel Pekudei 2015: The Sacred Fire

Ki Tisa: Kedushah: Elevating To Holiness

Tetzaveh 2015: Wisdom In The Torah

Terumah 2015: The Heart of the Tabernacle

Mishpatim 2015: The Principles of Justice

Shemot 2015: Passover Instructions

Vayechi 2015: A Beautiful Ending

Miketz 2014: Prophecies About The Reconciliation Then & Now

Vayeshev 2014: The Trouble With Tamar

Vayishlach 2014: From Injustice to Injustice... And A Word About Hanukkah

Vayetse 2014: The Struggles of Jacob as Prophecies for Us

Toldot 2014: Spiritual, Like Isaac

Chayyei Sarah 2014: The Life of Sarah in Us

VaYera 2014: Vindicating the Names of Our Righteous Forebears

Lech Lecha 2014: The Process of Abram's Life

Bresheit & Noach: The Ruach's Connection To Our Souls

Torah Portions 2013-2014

Ha'azinu 2014: A Warning For Yom Kippur

Ki Tavo 2014: The Lesson Of Reminders

This Week: Ki Tetze 2014: "Take To Take Care With You" When You Go Out

Shoftim 2014: Justice For Women
ALSO... Here is the podcast from my presentation at Restoration Fellowship on the same subject. The information varies somewhat as would be expected when giving 2 different presentations.

Reeh 2014: Learning the Discernment Skill

Massei 2014: Preparation for Inhabiting the Land

Matot 2014: Object Lessons For the End Of Days

Pinchas 2014: A Bride Fit For A King

Balaam, Barak & the Best of Blessings

Chukat 2014: The Red Heifer: A Bride Just Like Yeshua

Korah: The Thing We Want To Avoid

Shavuot 2014: The Fruit

Naso 2014: Our Service & Ties To The Temple

Bamidbar 2014: The Structure of the Hebrew Nation

Behar_bechukkotai_2014: The Gift of Jubilees

Emor 2014: What Happened to the Book of Hebrews?

Kedushim 2014: The LORD Makes A Distinction Between People

2014 Repeat: Acherei Mot / Kedushim 2013: The Bride's Holiness

Passover: Plain And Simple

Metzora 2014: Two Little Birds & A Prophecy

Tazria 2014: Tsa'arath Lev: Leprosy of the Heart (Spirit)

Shemini 2014: The Reality of Egyptian Incense In The Worship Of YHVH

Tzav 2014: The Truth About Leaven (What The Enemy Doesn't Want You To Know)

Vayikra 2014: Sacrificing the Heart

Pekudei 2014: What In The World Does Pekudei Have To Do With The Book Of Revelation?

Vayachel 2014: The Tabernacle & The Willing Heart

Ki Tisa 2014: The Golden Calf & The Heart

Terumah 2014: A Matter of the Heart

Mishpatim 2014: The Principles & Mechanics of the Ordinances

B'Shelach 2014: Lessons On How To Travel

Bo 2014: Passover & The Final Days of Egypt

Vaera December 2013: Effects of the Greater Exodus

Shemot December 2013: Understanding The First & Second Exoduses

VaYechi 2013: The Prophecies of Jacob in the Books of Genesis & Jasher

Vayigash 2013: The Role of Joseph in the End of Days

Miketz 2011: Joseph At the End

Vayeshev 2013: Joseph, Jacob & Other Characters

Vayishlach_2013: How Jacob's Mistake Affect Us At The End Of Days

Vayetse 2013: Like Jacob, Like Us

Toldot 2013: The Biblical & Prophetic Principles In the Lives Of Isaac And His Family

Chayyei Sarah 2013: The Character of Abraham in the Life of Sarah

Lech L'cha 2013: The Covenant of Abraham

Bresheit Noach 2013: The Beginning, A New Beginning And The End Of Days

Torah Portions 2012-2013

Nitzavim 2013: The Prophecy Of America - The Far Off Land, Babylon, The Jewel Of The Nations

Ki Tavo 2013: The Minimum Required To Avoid The Curses

Ki Tetse 2012: The Prophesied War Bride - Repeat

Shoftim 2013: And Justice For All

Re'eh 2013: Proper Discernment In Today's Treacherous World

Ekev 2013: If You Will Shema...

Va'Etchanan 2013: You Shall Not Make...

Devarim 2013: Words for the Future

Pinchas 2013: Pinchas As The Ezer Kenegdo

Balak 2013: Balak & Balaam; Antichrist & False Prophet

Chukat 2013: The Red Heifer & The Sprinkling Of The Holy Spirit

Korah's War & How It will Affect Us At The End Of Days

Shelach L'cha 2013: The Land of Life & The Wilderness of Death

Beha'alotcha 2013: Trumpets & Shofars - The Voices of Man & God

Naso 2013: Kings Past & Kingdoms Future

Behar & Bechukkotai 2013: The Connection Between Shabbat And Treason

Emor 2013: The Father Says...

Acherei Mot / Kedushim 2013: The Bride's Holiness

Tazria-Metzora 2013: Yeshua. The Leper

Shemini 2013: What Was The Strange Fire Of Aaron's Sons?

Passover Special Teaching: Kingdom Builders, False Prophets And Passover

Vayikra 2013: The Blessing of the Sacrifices

Repeat: Vayachel 2012: The Assembly

Ki Tisa: Personal Golden Calves

Tetzaveh 2013: The Meaning of Consecration

Terumah 2013: The Principles & Standards of the Tabernacle

Mishpatim 2013: Laws For A New Hebrew Nation

Yitro_2013: A Matter of Honor

Vaera 2013: The Transition

Shemot 2013: Moshe's Story Then Is Our Story Now

Vayigash & Vayechi 2012: Joseph & The 7th Hour Restoration Prophecy

Miketz 2012: Joseph & The 144,000

Vayeshev 2012: Joseph & Judah: Then & Now

Vayishlach 2012: Esau’s 400 Men, the Parting of the Land of Israel & the Dividing of Jerusalem on November 29, 2012

Vayetse 2012: Jacob & Laban: The End Time Account

Toldot 2012: The Prophecies of Isaac

Chayyei Sarah 2012: The Connection Between the Death of Sarah and the Field at Machpelah

VaYera 2012: Abraham, Isaac... and Lot

Lech L'cha 2012: The Foundation of Faith

Noach 2012: The Righteousness of Noah

B'resheet 2012: Principles, Precepts & Patterns

Torah Portions 2011-2012

Nitzavim 2012: To Turn His Face Back

Ki Tavo 2012: Curses, Amen!

Ki Tetse 2012: The Prophesied War Bride

Shoftim 2012: Judging Righteous Judgment

Re'eh 2012: The Connection Between Discernment & Getting To The Land

Ekev 2012: Walking on the Heel of the Master

V'etchanan 2012: Where Grace Comes From

Matot 2012: The Hidden End Times Message From YHVH To Israel

Pinchas 2012: Broken Pinchas

Balak 2012: A Curse That Goes All The Way To The End

Chukat 2012: The Problem With Moses...

Korach: The Responsibility Of The Priests

Shelach L'Cha 2012: Trouble in the Camp

Beha'alotcha 2012: The Significant Seven

Naso 2012: Connecting the Bitter Waters & the Nazarite Vow

Bemidbar 2012: The Love & Promises of God Are In The Numbers!

Bo 2012: Passover & the Timing of the Great Tribulation

Va'era 2012: What Happens When God Appears

Shemot 2012: Moses & the AntiChrist

Vayechi 2012: The End Of Israel

Vayigash 2011: Joseph, Jesus, Yeshua & Benjamin

Miketz 2011: Joseph At the End

Vayeshev 2011: Joseph & Our Messiah

Vayishlach 2011: The Prophecies Of Jacob - Part 2 - ESAU'S 400 MEN

VaYetse 2011: The Prophecies Of Jacob - Part 1

Toldot 2011: The Prophecies Of Isaac

Chayyei Sarah 2011: From Death To Life

Abraham: Liar Or Prophet?

Lech L'Cha 2011: Go, Do, Then Have A Dry Spell

Torah Portions 2010-2011

Haazinu 2011: Hear Are Your Choices

Vayalech 2011

Nitzavim: Israel in the Beginning; America in the End

Ki Tavo: The Responsibility of Entering Into The Land

Ki Tetze: Dilemmas

Shoftim: The Weightier Matters

Re'eh: Blessings or Curses; Righteousness or Destruction

Ekev: Are You Heeled?

Va Etchanan: Which Laws Are We To Keep? Noahide or Torah?

Pinchas: Authorization To Kill

Balak: A Curse For Modern Times

Chukat: Unveiling The Red Heifer

Korach: The Responsibility Of The Priests

Shelach L'Cha: How To Make The Transition From Here To the Promised Land

Beha'alotcha: The Choice Between The Sacred And The Profane

Naso: Is It Necessary For Women To Cover Their Heads?

Bemidbar: Numbering The People Has A Purpose

Bechukkotai: The Prophecies Within The Blessings

Behar: The Prophecy Of The Jubilee

Emor: The Protocol Of The Priest, Divorce And The Mark Of The Beast

Kedoshim: God's List For Holiness

Acharei Mot: The Connection Between Passover And Yom Kippur

Metzora: The Prophecy Of Tsara'at

Tazria: Does God Love Baby Girls?

Shemini: Strange Fire

Tzav: The Constant Fire

Mishpatim: Ordinances For The Bonservants

Yitro - The Mystery Of Yitro

B'Shalach - Facing The Wilderness

Bo - To Live Or Die As A Firstborn

Va'era - What Happens When God Appears

Shemot - The Secret Of The Names

VaYetse - The Prophecies Of Jacob


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