Toldot 2015: The Reputations of the Generations

Did you know Esau was a liar and a swindler? Jacob knew it. Rebekah and Isaac both probably knew it, too. Find out what Rebekah and Isaac did to make sure the firstborn blessing went to the rightful owner of the birthright.


Toldot 2014: Spiritual, Like Isaac

Isaac, as much as any of our forefathers, is an example to us for our walk. Yet, the majority of believers and the entire world castigate him as weak spiritually and physically, a lover of Esau that made him almost do the wrong thing and someone to not be respected. There is so much we need to know so that we can make the paradigm shift from Isaac as a poor example to one of excellent example. I hope this teaching helps you to begin to change your mind about this man, the promised son, that the LORD hand picked to be the father of Jacob.


Toldot 2013: The Biblical & Prophetic Principles In the Lives Of Isaac And His Family

Toldot gives us more Biblical, spiritual and prophetic principles and nearly any other Torah Portion. We learn about the principle of “40”, the prophetic principle of Ishmael always coming or doing something before Esau and Jacob and Esau coming or doing something before Jacob. Then there is the spiritual principle of YHVH not thrusting upon us the promises He made, but that He waits for us to ask. These and many other principles are taught in this Torah Portion.

Prophetically, this Torah Portion has a few things to teach us about Esau that I didn’t see or teach in The Esau Effect.


Toldot 2012: The Prophecies of Isaac


Toldot 2011


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